Double Red Sweet Corn

Double Red Sweet Corn
Double Red Sweet Corn

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Descriptions from Dr Kapuler's "Peace Seeds Research Journals"

The Eighth Peace Seeds Resource Journal 1997
This intro was written by David Seber.
After 15 years of working on gardens that maximize biodiversity, Dr. Al tells the tale of constructing a kinship garden using Rolf Dahlgren's coevolutionay bubble mapping layouts. He also reviews sunflowers, from the soil to the genes and, from the planet to the plant. He continues his collaboration with Dr. Sarangamat Gurusiddiah in providing analysis of free amino acids in the juices of another group of interesting crops including cucumbers, sunflower petals and snap beans. Then they look at glutamine, one of the amino acid energy sources of our brains and, arginine- the precursor to nitrous oxide, NO, which regulates both the hemoglobin-oxygen process in our blood and the flexi-contractility of our blood vessels. Other articles concern the patenting of life and the public domain from which continuing theft of organisms threatens a healthy future for humanity
Table of Contents
Plant World 1. The Sunflowers: America's Golden Daisies of the Sun-AMK. 2. The Size and Distribution of Plant Genera-Kapuler and Crowder. Kinship Gardening 3. System Tree and Kinship Gardening: A Strong Paradigm for Research and Utilization of Plant Resources-Bi Jihuan. 4. An Ark for the Plants: Constructing, Planting and Growing a Kinship Garden Using the Dahlgren Coevolutionary Layout-AMK. Nutrition 5. The Amino Acids Precursory to Proteins are Primary Human Food V. Free Amino Acids in the Juices of Cucumbers, Sunflower Petals, Chicories and Radicchios, Snap Beans and other crops. A Summary for Free Proline. Kapuler and Gurusiddiah. 6. The Amino Acids Precursory to Proteins are Primary Human Food VI. The Benefits of Onions and Broccoli: Glutamine and Arginine Free in their Juices: Kapuler and Gurusiddiah. Social and Political Commentary 7. The End of Names-Hare M. Seldon thanks to Joyce Hendler. 8. Cheaper Than Manhattan Island-Hare M. Seldon.
The Ninth Peace Seeds Resource Journal 2001
Dr. Al and his daughter, Kusra, introduce a kinship gardening layout for the world flora based on the new taxonomy of the plants coming from molecular biology. In detail kinship analysis of maguey (Agaves) and Theobroma (chocolate) are developed. Kusra's journey to China is raccounted in a 30 page photoessay and eminent chinese horticultural scientist Bi Jihuan and his duaghter Bi Xiaoyan use the kinship paradigm to analyse 925 kinds of chinese vegetables. In an unprecedented collaboration, powerful social commentaries on pressing issues of our times are provided by David Seber, Alan Venet, Howard Shapiro and Al Kapuler. The Peace Journals have been published since the early 1980's. Volume 9 is the highpoint of this ongoing work
Table of Contents
Gaia: 1. Journey in China by Kusra Kapuler 1-30. 2. The Last Generation by Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D. 31-32. 3. La Fortuna-A Kinship Botanical Garden in Southern Baja California by Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D. 33-45. Kinship Gardening: 4. A Preliminary Kinship Layout of the World Flora Based on the New Ordinal Taxonomy of the Angiosperms by Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D. and Kusra Kapuler 46-50. 5. The Maguey of Mesoamerica: A Kinship Layout for the Yucca and Agave Family, the Agavaceae by Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D. 51-55. 6. Cacao, Chocolate and Conservation: A Kinship Layout for Genus Theobroma by Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D. 56-63. 7. A System Tree Analysis of the Flowering Plants: Selected Food Resources by Bi Xiaoyan 64-66. Commentaries: 8. The End of the Brazilian Rainforest by Howard Yana Shapiro Ph.D. 67-68. 9. The Use of Fiber by People and the Preservation of Diversity of Wild Species by David Seber 69-70. 10. Where Are We Now? by Alan Venet 71-72.
11. Genetic Engineering, GMO's and the Biosphere by Alan M. Kapuler Ph.D. 73-75.
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Copyright by Alan and Kusra Kapuler Quotes with appropriate citation of 200 words or less require no permission. Otherwise all rights reserved. Reproduction by agreement with Peace Seeds 2001

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